Now that you know how to cope with your breakup, you need to know why relationships fail.

To be honest, a lot of other dating websites will say “It’s because there was poor communication,” or “You two aren’t psycho-socially compatible!” – whatever that means…

However, research has shown that the reason why 88% of relationships fail is because of lost attraction. Now I’m not talking about just sexual attraction, I’m talking about straight-up attraction. 

S0 what do I mean specifically?

Human beings have been on this planet for thousands of years, and over time we’ve determined what is and isn’t attractive. For instance, there are certain traits than men possess that attract women, and there are certain traits a woman possesses that attract men.

To help better paint the picture, here are four unattractive traits that you may have exhibited during your relationship that may have caused it to fail.

1.) Being needy and forcing synthetic affection.

Yes, that clingy girlfriend...This is a very common behaviour that many people exhibit in a relationship. While your partner may seem to think it’s “cute,” it’s actually one of the biggest attraction killers out there. Yes, as weird as it sounds, studies have shown that being a “clingy” girlfriend or boyfriend is actually a massive turn off.

Human beings need a challenge. When something becomes “too easy” it’s human nature to want to pick up and get going, and this sort of survival mechanism is our way of saying, “I’m bored, I need to find a new challenge.”

If you were guilty of making this mistake, then spice things up a bit! Learn to be more of a challenge and play that old game of “hard to get!”

2.) Being controlling.

Believe it or not, being controlling over your partner will actually give you less control in the end. That’s right, less control. Studies have shown that the more controlling one partner gets, the more the other partner will try and break free… and eventually when that happens, there’s almost no turning back!

If you were guilty of this, learn to manage your jealousy. It’s a huge sign of insecurity.

3.) Seeking external validation.

This goes along with being insecure about the relationship.

Have you ever asked your partner, “Does this make me look fat?” Or, if you’re a guy, have you ever asked your girlfriend, “Is my penis big enough?”  Huge. Turnoff. Instead, try and be that confident, powerful individual. This is attractive; the former is not.

4.) Infidelity.

This is an obvious one, but being untrustworthy is a massive attraction killer. In fact, in medieval times, you would have been killed for adultery. Cheating will totally end your relationship.

There’s no doubt that humans look down upon this sort of behaviour, so think twice before you do something so stupid!

That said, every broken relationship is fixable, and with the help of this list you’ll be able to avoid making these mistakes again.

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