If you want a quick one night stand with your ex, you’re going to have to listen up…

Chances are, you’re probably doing things that are pushing her further away from you and making you less attractive in her eyes. Remember, before you even think about sleeping with her, you’ve got to get over her! Once you’ve done that, then getting your ex into the sack is as easy as 1-2-3!

Well, maybe not that easy, but you’ll definitely be on your way there.

So first thing’s first, you’ve got to get her to agree to a meeting (obviously, unless you just want to cyber with her, then that’s for a completely different article).

To get her to do this, you need to a sound reason for her to meet up with you. If you’re just asking her to “hang out”, she’s going to get suspicious and will likely refuse. Instead try something like this:

“Hey! I remember that you’re really good with interior design. I’ve got a few new pieces of furniture and I was hoping you’d come over and help me set up.”

If she has a reason to come over and you’ve done everything right up until this point, then chances are she’ll agree to come over.


Once she’s at your place, the next step is very simple. You’ve got to seduce her (I make it sound so easy, huh?). That said, there are some very powerful techniques that you can use to seduce your ex-girlfriend.

First, you need to flirt. But what is flirting exactly? That might be a stupid question, but a ton of guys have no idea how to actually do it with success. So then, to learn how to properly talk to women, it’s crucial that you watch this video.

The number 1 secret to flirting is…

Touching! Yes, but you’ve got to touch her in a very specific way.

You can’t just go gung-ho and touch her everywhere; you have to touch her at very specific times, and in specific places.

For instance, touch her when she’s aroused in a happy way. If she laughs, touch her. If she smiles, touch her. If you think she’s feeling anything positive, touch her. This will condition her to relate feeling good to when you touch her.

Secondly, tell her how good she looks. This woman used to be attracted to you, so let her know that you’re still sexually attracted to her. Since she’s already comfortable with your presence, all you have to do is turn on the charm.

Remember the basics…

Smell good. Be clean. Do your hair. Look your best.

Have you been working out? Show it off. Now is the best time to blow your ex away with how good you look. Show her that you haven’t been lazy and moping around all day long. Show her that your life is in order and that you’re doing just fine without her. Show her that multiple women are chasing after you and watch her get jealous with desire.

If you want to know more about how you can successfully sleep with your ex-girlfriend, then watch this video by my friend Brad Browning. It’s a free video that covers exactly what you should do to get your ex from clothed to unclothed in the shortest amount of time possible. Click on the video below!

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